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Explore Mesquite Arts Center in Mesquite, TX

The Mesquite Arts Center is, in a word, stunning. Located in Mesquite, Texas, this impressive facility is worth the visit. From entertainment centers and theaters to festivals and events, the Arts Center offers something for everyone. More can be found here.

The Arts Center kicks off numerous events throughout the year, such as the Mesquite Art Walk and the Day of the Dead Festival, a three-day extravaganza celebrating the traditional Mexican holiday. The facility also hosts various other events and concerts, such as a live theater production, dance classes, and even theater camps. Read about Fun Experiences at Mesquite's Lakeside Activity Center in Mesquite, TX here.

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As visitors walk through the lobby and see the center’s impressive array of artwork and sculptures, they can’t help but be filled with enthusiasm and awe. From colorful murals to striking sculptures, the lobby’s artwork varies from classic to contemporary and provides a delightful backdrop before spectators explore the Arts Center.

The main auditorium will leave even the most discerning theater fans in awe. Guests can sit back and enjoy musical and theatrical performances in the cozy seating area of over 400 or take advantage of the full bar and restaurants on the terrace.

The Mesquite Arts Center is also a great place to find art education programs. From pottery and ceramics to painting and music, the Arts Center offers art learning opportunities year-round. Children, as well as adults, can find a wide variety of educational and recreational art classes.

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